Marc Schooley: Visceral Visionary Suspense


Trained in philosophy, theology and after-dinner balderdashing, Christy Award-nominated author Marc Schooley is the Texas kingpin of paranormal tales.

Sketched in equal shades of grit and inspiration, Marc's signature raw blend of literary and pulp fiction engages readers in a forceful swashbuckle of surprising depth. Visit a supernatural continuum whose hub is the Lone Star State as you've never seen it.

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About Marc Schooley

Marc Schooley is a paranormal thriller author whose work has been nominated for the top awards in Christian fiction. Marc wrote his Master's thesis on one of the world's toughest questions: the existence and origin of evil. Balancing realism and hope, Marc fluently threads this key issue through both his books and straight talk about everyday life in his speaking presentations.

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Last Man Club

MS Quixote here, surfacing to post some rather exciting news. Our good friend Linda Pandolph has produced a movie. It’s a feature-length film that just continues to win award after award: twenty-two of them at present count. It’s excellent–an uplifting, fun ride full of humor, with a genuine heart-tug, and a shout-out to our veterans. […]

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