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A Word From Marc

Dreaming is seeing the world as it is not (Eph. 5:13-17)

In the past, I expended tons of time and effort, if such things can be weighed, in a dreamlike state. As a student at the University of Texas, I walked every day beneath huge letters cut into the rock facade at the base of the tower at the center of campus. It read:

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

I thought the words were Plato's, or someone's...

Years later, when I came to the Lord, I picked up a Bible and searched it intently for the first time. I chose a passage at random. I don't need to tell you which was the most amazing verse I read.

Awaken O sleeper, indeed.

There are a lot of ways to keep the world figured. The Problem of Evil, in all its forms, provides a catalyst that drives my communications and creative work. In some sense, this must be true of all storytelling--or at least virtually all good storytelling--as story requires conflict. Otherwise, stories would be more like:

"What's up?" he asked.

"Nothing," she said.

The End.

And that would be no reflection on real life.

The days of this world are evil--it's all over the evening news. But they are also full of hope. See, I'm the guy who always does things "wrong." I never have quite believed what I'm constantly told by the world about all these different things. Yet, against all odds, I find myself among a minority of people living happy, fulfilled, and unafraid to cross the chilly Jordan.

That's probably why I've found that the principles of theology, philosophy and commitment to integrity work so well for dealing with life, and art, and everything in between. Here--where the hereafter comes into view--is the real stuff.

The world's not scary, it's just a little crazy. So, let's keep it figured. I'd love to share more with you, though space doesn't permit here. Feel free to contact me informally anytime, read my blog, or check out what I provide through writing and speaking.

The Basics

If God is good, then whence comes evil?

Marc Schooley is a paranormal thriller author whose work has been nominated for the top awards in Christian fiction.

Marc wrote his Master's thesis on one of the world's toughest questions: the existence and origin of evil. Balancing realism and hope, Marc fluently threads this key issue through both storytelling and straight talk about everyday life.