Score One for the Marcher Lord Press Home Team…

Hey Guys. Great news for Marcher Lord Press, and in particular, Jill Williamson. Jill’s novel By Darkness Hid has won a Christy Award. Not only nominated, but won. Astounding. What a feat. Congratulations to Jill! I’m here to brag on her a little bit.

There are good reasons for this. Jill’s created an expansive world with characters you’ll care to root for and pull against; a world that rings true from the first page to the last, including its fantasy elements. 

But there’s more to it for me. Jill is able to compose complex scenes in a manner that I’ve rarely seen. I’m talking about big scenes with multiple characters engaged in intricate dialogues and intrigue, or battle scenes written so well they simply appear fully-formed in the mind’s eye of the reader. And keep and eye out for the banquet scene…it’s a work of art.

Again, congratulations, Jill. This one’s deserved.

Purchase By Darkness Hid here.

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