Nightriders & Texas Dark

To celebrate the release of Nightridershere’s a free collection of three short stories by Marc Schooley. Please help yourself…  A forgotten Vietnam vet’s strange adventure in Houston. A young woman’s near-death experience on a sunbaked roadside. A bubble-wrapped future overrun by a creeping plague. Visit a supernatural continuum whose hub is the Lone Star State as you’ve never seen it. Texas Dark features a bonus chapter from Marc’s paranormal thriller novel Nightriders. Nightriders is ready to download on Kindle or Nook for only $5.99. Paperback available here.
Nightriders-cvr TXD-ebook-FREE

Mask, by Kerry Nietz

MLP author Kerry Nietz has a new release out: Mask.

I’m breaking radio/blog silence here, because I’m fired up about this one. Ordered it as soon as it hit the shelves and devoured it in one sitting. Great book. The mask symbolism hit me on a personal level–one I’ll carry with me for the foreseeable future–but the read itself is fast-paced and full of cool stuff. Highly recommended.

I hope Mr. Nietz continues to write; I’ll keep reading. Sooner or later, Kerry should probably have some kind of Sandfly mechanism to download it directly into the brain. Good stuff, man…

An Unusual Opportunity Update and Christian Politics X

Back in July and August, we set out to raise a bit of money as described here. Well, we didn’t quite make it, but we came in around $615. Not bad, all things considered, and I want to thank everyone who participated. Very much appreciated and a tip of the Areopagus hat to you…

In other news, I’ve been blogging just a little bit. Of all things, I’m writing on specific aspects of the intersection of the Christian faith and politics. Yep…religion and politics! Come over and visit when you get a moment. It’s okay if you want to yell at me…